Sacred Body Oracle: Tributaries

READING: Nourishment & communication move through  your many body systems. Like tributaries off the main river, these channels carry vital energy and life forces from your spinal column into your brain, organs & limbs. You can purposely move the subtle aspects of these energies with conscious, connected breathing. Release stagnancy, purify & nourish your body, your emotions & clarify your spiritual awareness.

PRACTICE: Lie on your back in an open posture. Close your eyes & begin to breathe naturally and gently, following your breath Ito your body. Where does it go? What part of your body feels the breath as I moves in and out. Just notice.

Be kind to your body, always breathing slowly & gently—no force.

Now try breathing into your lower belly. Place your hands on your belly, feeling it expand as you inhale & relax as you exhale down toward your spine. Breathe like this for a while, becoming aware of how you feel as you breathe.

Next, breathe gently into your chest. Feel your chest rise & fall with the breath. How do you feel as your breath moves through your chest?

Now try inhaling into your chest & belly simultaneously, breathing out and down through your arms and legs, releasing stagnant energies out through your fingers & toes. Feel the energy of your breath moving like a quiet wave through every cell of your body. Breath softly for a bit & just notice.

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Monday May 13 2019 Sacred Body Oracle