Sacred Body Oracle: Streams

READING: All riverbeds have a system of smaller channels  that create creeks and streams. Similar links between your central channel—the primary river of energy parallel to the spinal column—and the lesser energy streams deep inside you, create unique connections with your body and energy field. The meridians and polarity grid are two of these stream matrices running through our bodies, carrying vital elemental energy and subtle positive/negative charges or communications to organs, chakras, energy points and the energy field around you. Balance in these two key systems is found in the complimentary energies of fire and water: sun & moon, masculine & feminine, light and dark.

PRACTICE: Sit comfortably and quietly, your eyes are closed. Your feet are on the ground or crosslegged; your spine is aligned. Breathe naturally for a bit, feeling the breath moving in and out of your lungs—expanding and softening your chest area.

Notice your body relaxing, your mind quieting. Slowly and gently bring your attention into the center of your head. Begin to focus and watch your breath moving up the back and down the front of your spinal column, deep in the body. Allow the breath to move up around inside the top of your head and back around through the muscles of your lower pelvis at the perineum. Breathe naturally, focusing on this loop for a while.

Imagine cool water flowing up the back and fire moving down the front. Be with this for some time—about 9 breaths. Notice how your mind calms and your belly warms. Continue to focus on this breath for a few more minutes.

Sit for a bit, feeling the energy moving in your body before you step into the rest of your day.

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