Sacred Body Oracle: Wellsprings

READING: Wellsprings are creative energy centers and their related connecting channels. Creative energy springs from within your lower cauldron at the 2nd chakra and circulates through your whole body. The 5th and 7th chakras are sacred gateways opening into energy channels of practical manifestation and heavenly co-creation.

Energy moves through the channels connecting these chakras at your lower abdomen (2nd), throat (5th) and crown (7th), through every inch of your aura and every cell of your body. Can you feel the energy of these three chakras? Can you envision the flow of energy between them?

PRACTICE: Lie on your back with your eyes are closed. Begin with a series of natural breaths, feeling your body gently expand, and then contract.

Focus first on your lower belly. Breathe in and feel it expand. Breathe out and feel it relax. Breathe this way for a while, relaxing and picturing your belly as it expands and deflates like a balloon.

Next, focus on your chest. Breathe in to lift and open your chest, breathing out to relax and soften. Now feel the breath flowing into the center of your head, opening and expanding your head bones as you inhale, gently relaxing as you exhale. Try breathing several times into each location.

Now breathe in and out, feeling the spring of energy bursting forth from deep in your lower cauldron. As you exhale, it fountains up through the centerline of your body, creating energy pools in your throat and at the crown of your head. Inhale at the top, then exhale and feel the energy spilling down through the pools again like a waterfall, down into the cauldron spring.

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