Sacred Body Oracle: Pools of Energy

READING: The light of the golden flame in your mind’s eye shows you the way to a shimmering pool of energy at your crown that holds your spiritual essence. Once there, you sense the  knowledge of the universe flowing through body, whispering to your soul. Transmute the tornado of circular thoughts, the heaviness of emotional reactivity and body pain. Awaken your awareness of the inspired place within…a place beyond thought and into the cells of wisdom through creative experience.

PRACTICE: Sit comfortably upright with an aligned spine, breathing naturally. Close your eyes, bringing your attention into the center of your head. Relax your face, your eyes and jaw, creating a space between your back teeth. Your tongue is resting at your gum-line behind the lower teeth; your mouth is soft. Bounce your shoulders gently, relaxing them down, away from your ears. Allow the breath the fill your chest.

Breathe naturally here, several times, feeling the wind inside your body. Feel it moving through your belly into your organs, through your extremities, awakening your bones and muscles. Feel your breath in your blood, along your nerves. Breathe naturally again, several more times.

Now, with your fingertips, begin to lightly tap the top your head. Relax your hands and tap all over the top of your head to awaken and move the pressure and tension down into your abdominal cauldron. Tap for 1-3 minutes, until you feel your head relax, until you feel ease in your mind’s eye and crown.

Visualize a golden sun and feel its golden rays shining down on your crown. Feel it moving through you, down to your feet. Sit for a bit. Watch and feel.

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Monday June 03 2019 Sacred Body Oracle