Sacred Body Oracle: Connection

READING: Walking barefoot increases sensation in your feet, opens the feet chakras and connects your body to the earth beneath. When you are aware, you can feel the earth’s energy tickling the bottom of your feet, encouraging the bubbling spring points on their soles to open and fill you with life and vitality. 

Like walking in the sand, your toes grab, your calf muscles engage and your feet propel you forward. Walking barefoot is actually more supportive of your frame (muscles & bones) than a sport shoe. How is sure footedness connected to your root chakra? Can you enhance your relationship to present time by grounding and awakening your connection to the Planet?

PRACTICE: Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Inhale and exhale, gently rocking your tailbone up and down to the rhythm of your breath. Feel the bottoms of your feet opening as you push gently into the ground, squeezing your toes, as your tailbone rocks upward. Engage and release the pelvic floor muscles as you repeat these slow, rocking movements.

Allow your body to be aligned and neutral. Your bones are heavy as you relax into the floor. Please be kind to your body—conservative in your movements. If you tend toward dramatic movements, take it all down to about 25% of your usual range and speed. These are micro movements, designed to create awareness and ease in your body, becoming aware of the subtle energies moving through you.

Imagine your pelvis is a clock: 12 o’clock is your belly button; your pubic bone is 6 o’clock, and the bones on the front of your pelvis are 3 & 9 o’clock. 

Gently rock your pelvis between 6 & 12, flattening the back as you exhale, arching slightly as you inhale. Use your belly and pelvic floor muscles to create this movement. Follow your breath as you tip your tail up, flattening your back; arching slightly as your tailbone tips downward.  Repeat a few times.

Come back to center and breathe for a bit.

Now begin to sway your knees side to side. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, follow your breath as you twist at the waistline, gently rolling your pelvis between 3 & 9. Now try slowing  and shortening the movement. Continue gently rolling your pelvis side to side while keeping the knees pointing up toward the ceiling. Use your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to roll side to side between 3 & 9. Repeat a few times.

Come back to center and breathe for a bit.

Now wag your tail, swiveling your pelvis and hiking one hip up and then the other. Follow your breath as you gently wag your tail, moving your pelvis up on one side, down on the other. Keeping your shoulders and ribcage stable, continue to gently wag your tail a few times on each side.

Come back to center and breathe for a bit.

Now, gently rock and roll and your pelvis around the clock, circling from 12 to 3, to 6 to 9, 9 to 12 several times. Follow your breath, use your belly and pelvic floor muscles. Move slowing and purposefully. Try not to be rigid and intense.

Come back into center and breathe for a bit. This is an exercise in effortless movement—using the breath to direct, and the core to drive the movements. Repeat a few times in each direction.

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