Sacred Body Oracle: Soul Communication

ORACLE: As you relax your body and quiet your mind, you open natural communication between body and soul. Your inner voice matches the frequency of your heart and true essence. As it speaks, you listen.

Imagine you are floating on your back in the ocean, the Polestar shines brilliantly in the dark night sky. Close your eyes as you feel your body moving with the gentle roll of the waves—in toward shore and out again. Relax and breathe deeply in the river of your spinal column.

Your body’s rhythms: breath and cerebral spinal fluid, are in tune with the rhythms of the tides and currents, the spin of the earth on its axis, and the milky way galaxy.

PRACTICE: Lie on your back with your knees bent with your arms comfortable resting at about 45 degrees to your body. Your feet are on the floor. Gently roll your head from side to side in rhythm with your breath. Repeat about 5 times to each side.

Now roll your knees from side to side in the same way. Roll as far to the right as you inhale, and back to center as you exhale. Roll to the left as you inhale and back to center as you exhale. Repeat several times.

Try rolling your head and your knees simultaneously, gently moving side to side with the rhythm of your breath. Repeat several times. Are they moving to the same direction or in opposite ways? Try moving them together and in opposition. Repeat several times. What feels more natural and in tune with your personal inner rhythms?

How does relaxation and gentle movement play a role in your ability to converse with spirit?

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