Sacred Body Oracle: Envisioning

ORACLE: Your ability to envision is limitless. Your ability to create change is also limitless. When you create the picture you want, holding a picture of your life that suits your soul, you align with your purpose and create each day with that at its center.

Do you arise each morning with a vision for your day? Do you set an intention as you drift off to sleep at night, knowing that your dreams will help you create your next step?

PRACTICE: Sit upright in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Breathe naturally for a while, allowing yourself to settle into your body. Feel yourself anchoring in specific points: your feet, your pelvis, your hands, all along your spinal column.

Align your spine, relax your shoulders. Feel your head floating on top of your neck. Breathe in expanding your chest; breathe out and down the river of your spine into the pelvis. Inhale up the spine, into the center of your head. Breathe out and down into your lower abdomen. Continue breathing slowly and rhythmically, in this way for a few minutes. 

Bring your attention into the center of your head. Look up through the top of your head and down at your body below. Soften your eyes, bringing your energy away from your forehead. Just be in the center of your head.

Take a moment to envision a rose. Notice its color, size, texture and how open it is. Hold the vision of your rose as long as possible. If the image disappears, recall it and hold the vision again. Continue to hold and recall the image of your rose for one minute. Expand the focus time as you become more able to hold the image longer.

Try this with other images, including a goal or intention, your next step—and anything you’d like to create.

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Monday July 08 2019 Sacred Body Oracle