Sacred Body Oracle: Impressions

ORACLE: When you observe life with your attention inside the center of your head, your inner eye opens. From here you will find a place of neutrality in your emotional and mental impressions. Your perceptions are not affected by your past, nor the reactive bio-chemicals caused by stressful memories. You are more responsive and less reactive in your expressions. You learn to create and embrace your experiences from a higher state of being.

PRACTICE: Sit at the edge of an armless chair. Breathe in, lengthen your spine, twist at the waist, moving your upper body around to the left. Exhale to gently pull yourself further with your right hand on your left knee. Inhale in place, and exhale back to center. Repeat slowly and thoughtfully on each side, several times.

Twisting movements will help you to release tension in your power center at the solar plexus: organs, endocrine glands and energy. Because the third chakra (solar plexus) is linked to stress, reactivity and circular thinking (monkey mind), you are actually squeezing out the the stress toxins and your energy becomes more balanced as you twist. Your vital energies flow easily and effortless, cooling your brain and warming your belly; inspiring your thoughts and helping you anchor your energies in your body.

As you call your attention into the center of your head and the over- thinking down into your belly, you create natural boundaries and balanced relationships. How do you manage your energy, your boundaries and your relationships? Can you find that neutral place of observation inside the center of your head?

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Monday July 22 2019 Sacred Body Oracle