Sacred Body Wisdom: Illness or Enlightenment?

Just a couple weeks ago, I learned that I have long-standing Lyme Disease.

I know this is energy, and I am certain that I will be fine.

This news actually helps me to make sense of many “healing events” throughout my life. Now I know why I feel so sick, for so long, when I have a cold or flu.

Honestly, I have a big fear of getting colds and flu and not recovering.

This thing called Lyme Disease is likely what lies beneath this fear as well as the regular aches in my joints and many other more minor sensations. It may even explain the current, very chronic and searing pain in my knees and sacrum.

Interesting. I have a platform for focused, intentional healing.

As foundations go, knowledge of this condition supports my journey and discovery of it origins. It moves my attention away from the physical symptoms and circular thinking of what might be thousands of potential causes. It removes the anxiety and worry created by some lengthy, protracted storyline and accompanying emotional swings, instead asking the correct questions.

What is the frequency of Lyme disease?

In the Background:

There’s been a lot of recent press about the origins of Lyme, and I don’t mean the town or the tick where it was first found. Official news reports suggest the House of Representatives has demanded an investigation by the Pentagon around the US military’s development of weaponized ticks between 1950-1975. 

Yes, those origins.

NY Times best seller,“Bitten: the Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons,” by Kris Newby, opens our eyes to the effects of this tick-born spirochete from her personal experience. It also enlightens us about the scientist who supposedly discovered the disease in 1982, yet also confessed to implanting the microbes into the ticks 30 years before.

In the Foreground:

Some “alternative health professionals” believe that everyone has Lyme disease. Some people may not be symptomatic, just like some people don’t get colds or the flu even in high season. These same people in whom the disease is latent also carry many virus’ that do not always present outwardly.

Consider this:

How would bio-terrorism affect a human attitude and relationship to life? Would the weaponized intent behind creating the disease make it emotionally-specific? What do war torn nations feel as they are invaded and lose control of their cultures? What are the emotions of being and feeling annihilated? Looks to me that these states of being match the Lyme storyline.

Anxiety. Fear. Anger. Rage. Helpless. Hopeless. Apathy. Depression. 

Why would some people have no apparent symptoms, others have minor symptoms and some have debilitating experiences? What if it was you…where would you be most vulnerable? What did you carry into this world…from the beginning? What is your state of being: emotions, your thinking, beliefs and attitudes?

The original energy from inside me is fear and terror. 

There is a bigger story here, though the important thing to remember is: these emotions are what needs to come out into the light and disposed of. Some of my most vulnerable places include the throat and solar plexus, both physically and metaphysically. This is how I got Lyme when I was a child–through the Universal Law of Correspondence–matching frequencies. At some point in time I matched the frequency of Lyme.

Now that I know, I can dive inside myself, find the source and choose a different frequency.

Why do some people collapse (freeze) while others fight or flee? What creates an opportunity in the midst of so many problems? Why do some people become a bit more enlightened as a result of their suffering while others ignore or deny its existence?

Wednesday July 24 2019 Sacred Body Wisdom