Sacred Body Oracle: Balance

ORACLE READING: Your equilibrium is formed by the interpretations of your perceptions. Your eyes see, your nervous system responds, your endocrine system gears up, and your brain perceives. Your body actually creates the perceptions and then informs them–usually so rapidly the process and outcome are unconscious.

Your balance is influenced less by physical strength and flexibility, and much more by your interpretations of the “terrain.” Your interpretations are based on experience and memory. Center and clear yourself throughout the day to release the past, your habits and patterns. Come into each moment with a fresh perspective.

PRACTICE: Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet on the floor. Your posture is open and relaxed. Feel your breath moving through your body. Call your attention into the center of your head and be here now.

Imagine you are sitting on a throne in the center of your head. Envision a golden rose in your hand and begin to dust and clear your inner kingdom. Wash the walls, the ceiling and the floor inside your head. Cleanse your pineal and pituitary glands, and all of your brain parts.

Now feel all that old energy cascading down into your lower belly for digesting and releasing through your grounding into the center of the earth. Toss the golden dusting rose down too.

This clearing is intended to loosen the dust and dross of your analyzing mind and dig out your emotional trenches. It is intended to bring yourself back to your body in present time.

Can you find neutrality and ease with all things: no qualifications of good or bad; hot or cold; comfort or discontent; intensity or indifference?

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