Sacred Body Oracle: Strength

Inner strength is a quality you will cultivate when taking exploratory risks that nudge you off your normal course.

The first step is inhabiting your body rather than separate from it, and rather than think about whether or not you are in your body, do something that takes you in! Try this:

Sit in an upright posture with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and feel the connection between your pelvic floor and the chair. Breathe naturally for a while to settle into the position.

Begin to gently engage your pelvic floor: anus, vaginal and bladder control muscles. Squeeze and release 10-20 times. Then engage these muscles slowly during an exhale. Let them go as you inhale. Repeat this several times.

Now try engaging on the exhale, hold your breathe and the contraction for a count of 5. Slowly and gently release as you inhale. Repeat this several times. 

You can perform all three aspects of this exercise anytime during the day. It is especially helpful if you are anxious, overwhelmed or know you are not in your body. It will hep you become more relaxed and present, as well as turn off your monkey mind!

Successfully moving away from the comfort of old habits can be challenging. It is an all-encompassing experience of pain or discomfort in your body, expressing yet simultaneously unattached to the emotions of the experience, awareness of the story that creates and is expanded by the emotions. Once you can employ all these aspects, you must also be willing to observe this loop of thought, emotions and physical pain from a distance and then reframe it.

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Monday September 09 2019 Sacred Body Oracle