Sacred Body Oracle: Compassion

Compassion is often mistaken as softness, though the sword is more compassionate than false sweetness. Many will prefer a gentler path, yet only if it is fueled by strength can it be a real and true expression of relationship and humanity.

Qabalistic path-working sees this as the Pillar of Mercy—the path to the wisdom of the masculine Sun. Like governor and conception (yin-yang) meridian channels, it is infused with feminine energy (its opposite) for balance and wholeness. 

Universal Law shows us that the one true value of life is found in the many expressions of the yin yang symbol: black and white halves imprinted with the seed of the other, encircled.

Similarly, and like the constellations in the sky, each one of the cells in your body is unfused with light. You will remember…just flip the switch and receive.

Sit or lie quietly and comfortably, breathing naturally. Feel your breath moving through your body, flowing gently into every organ, muscle and bone as you inhale; feel the breath cleansing stagnant energies with each exhalation. Be with this feeling for some time.

Imagine the river of energy moving up and down your spine, flowing up your back and looping up over your head as you inhale; falling down the front of your spine as you exhale. Breathe for a while, sensing this river of breath and energy.

Now breathe in the cosmic energy from outside of your body; into your hands and up through your arms, merging with the river inside as it runs up the back and down the front of your spinal column. Feel the cosmic energy moving into the crown of your head; and the soles of your feet, moving through your legs; both merging with your inner river as it flows up the back and down the front of your spine.

As you breathe deeply into your body, envision the stars lighting up in your cells. Love your body as you love the stars in the sky. They are you; you are them.

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Monday September 16 2019 Sacred Body Oracle