Sacred Body Oracle: Brilliance

Body to spirit communication shines light on your journey inward, and in turn, sends a beacon out into the unknown layers of your auric field and levels of energy. Close to the body is a layer of energy that corresponds to your etheric body or blueprint. The cells in your physical body are co-created in part from the energy in this layer of your aura.

Can you feel this energy? Like a soft, flexible glove, it, surrounds, hugs and protects you.

Sit or lie on your back with support where needed. Begin, as always, with conscious natural breathing. Pay attention to where your breath moves freely through your body and where it goes as you exhale. Purposely exhale the energy out into the first layer of your aura. Feel your body and this layer of energy surrounding you.

Now breathe into your root chakra at the base of your spine, allowing your life force to gather and pool there. Feel your breath expanding as you exhale through your physical body into the same “root” area of your blueprint. Watch from the center of your head as this lower body chakra links your physical body to your etheric body. Feel the sensation as they become one.

Repeat this with all 7 body chakras: sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Feel the energy pooling at each level, connecting your body to your blueprint, establishing an energetic communication between the two.

Why is your response to body sensations and related emotions? Are you curious; do you ask yourself questions? Can you be open to feeling discomfort and the chemistry of emotions without dramatizing or avoiding them? How do the awareness of connection and communication between your body and its energetic blueprint help you feel more accepting of the changes that occur in your daily experiences: ups and downs, shifts and changes?

Join us in Olympia on Mondays at 7pm for Inner Rhythms: visualization, meditation & gentle movement to relax your body, quiet your mind & enhance your awareness. We also offer online programs to help you relax your body, quiet your mind and open your body to spirit.

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Monday September 23 2019 Sacred Body Oracle