Sacred Body Oracle: Evolution

We evolve best in times of conflict. Like our muscles, we don’t grow without challenging ourselves to a higher level than we’ve previously experienced.

Rest is an integral part of our evolution.Our new level of strength and flexibility is only absorbed into our cells during a state of rest.

Integration of opposites.

Willingness guides us to the path up the mountain; aligned with self-affinity, it supports us along the way. 

Willfulness may move us through the steeps at faster speeds, yet, it is filled with ego and pride. It’s like a compulsion to push through and override the energies from our past.

If you fall too far into the well of pride, you will miss finding beauty in the mundane, amusement and enthusiasm for the simple things in life. 

The Yin-Yang of it: Man reaches for the Sun, infused with feminine energy.

Spend time compassionately resolving your past: anything that keeps you from fully embracing the present and your ability to move effortlessly into the future. Pay attention to your sacred cows—emotional indulgence or instability, physical discomfort— especially pain, attachment to mental image pictures and behavioral constructs, beliefs and ideas.

Find ways to request support and truly receive it. Find a mentor or advisor. Cultivate people in your life who will reflect honestly to you. Journal about your experiences, your memories. Rest, digest and release.

What is the difference between wiling and willful; amusement and hilarity; excitement and enthusiasm; surrender and succumbing?

Tuesday October 01 2019 Sacred Body Oracle