Sacred Body Wisdom: Living in Neutral

Neutrality is a state of being and it navigates all the realms of human-body consciousness: physical–unconscious; emotional–subconscious; mental/spiritual–conscious.

Neutrality is centered and non-reactive.

We teach it in Pilates as neutral spine, neutral pelvis. We feel it when our bodies are relaxed, balanced and aligned.  Our emotional body senses and responds empathetically with acceptance and allowance. Our mind is quiet and focused, not distracted.

Neutrality integrates opposites.

Physiologically speaking, neutrality is a balance between fight-flight and rest-digest. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system branches are dancing rhythmically together, cooperative and supportive. The chemical-hormonal-endocrine system is engaged at its highest level of efficiency.

Neutrality is not stagnant.

We know or may see it psychically as chakra alignment, balanced meridians, a clear and grounded energy field. It is vital energy flowing effortlessly through and all around us.

And, neutrality could seem dull.

The human body is entrained to higher levels of stress more and more each day. In a somewhat loose (not clinical) sense, we humans have become hyperactive and attention deficient, even bi-polar. Instead of integration, our behaviors quite efficiently express our learned need for hyper-duality. We kind of like feeling the wide swing because it gives us a false sense of newness, purpose and motivation.

Neutrality is grounding.

I first learned the concept of neutrality 30 years ago when I was a clairvoyant student at Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI). Anxiety and panic was a large part of my life then. When I learned to ground, center and run energy  at BPI, the anxiety and panic “actually” disappeared within 3 weeks of that first class.

Neutrality is experiential.

If I knew then, what I know now, my information could have easily blocked any experience of neutrality. Slowly, over the years I started feeling neutral in my energy, neutral in my body, neutral in my skeleton. Then I began to feel neutral in my chemistry and emotions.

Neutrality is evolutionary.

And like most human experiences, neutrality is an ever-changing and expanding state of learning through many experiences. Much of my information comes from experience now, rather than information and related mental image pictures and constructs creating the experience.

Neutrality is wisdom, and it lives in the realm of unconscious capabilities.

Thursday October 03 2019 Sacred Body Wisdom