Sacred Body Oracle: Vitality

Mars’ erect arrow of vitality is in  constant search of a target, holding and pinpointing its course with focus, desire and precision.

Its mission is action: to create.

Now is the time to find the seeds of vitality inside your body and utilize that potency to create from the baseline of your spiritual intention. Carefully place your arrow on the rest, focus, exhale, draw your bow, and release. Watch as it flies straight toward the core of your target.

Without hesitation, it penetrates.

Experience the clarity of your goals when seen through the lens of spiritual intention. Kindle that fire for some time before you lose yourself in ideology.

Write or draw your visions.

The Yin and Yang of it: The arrow carries the seed of intention into the womb where it safely germinates and one day is born as an expression of your soul’s true mission. 

What are your personal blocks to creating? Do you find yourself becoming lost in a sea of ideas and beliefs, dreams and affirmations, unable to achieve them? Do you find your way and become disinterested once there? Are your goals and desires based in spiritual intention?

Join us on Wednesdays, 6:45-7:30pm for Inner Rhythms: visualization, meditation & gentle movement to relax your body, quiet your mind & enhance your awareness. Live classes are located at Sacred Bodies, Sacred Rhythms in Tumwater.

Monday October 07 2019 Sacred Body Oracle