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Truth, consciousness, intuition, the principles of energy, living a principle-driven life, nature, exploring the inner terrain, body awareness for healthy mind, emotions and spirit; sacred spaces and places. Here you will find stories and information about spiritual and physical body healing practices, visualizations and articles about awakenings, general consciousness and self mastery. We sometimes review products and books, especially when they are entertaining, fictional stories that educate humanity about the truth and the laws of energy. We’ve created 4 primary categories for these posts: Musings & Reviews, Sacred Body Oracle; Sacred Body Wisdom; Sacred Energy, Sacred Space; Sacred Rings of Wisdom.

What does quickening mean in this context?

Simply…the way we see its meaning, is to amuse, enthuse and inspire. In a spiritually evolutionary sense, we see it as an infusion of divinity that steps up the pace of enlightenment. To restore life as in the Christ Consciousness.

Amuse: a muse is the source of inspiration

Enthuse: its root is entheos, inspired or possessed by god

Inspire: to breathe in, to impart the truth

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