Sacred Body Oracle: Vitality

Mars’ erect arrow of vitality is in  constant search of a target, holding and pinpointing its course with focus, desire and precision. Its mission is action: to create. Now is the time to find the seeds of vitality inside your body and utilize that potency to create from the baseline of your spiritual intention. Carefully […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Evolution

We evolve best in times of conflict. Like our muscles, we don’t grow without challenging ourselves to a higher level than we’ve previously experienced. Rest is an integral part of our evolution.Our new level of strength and flexibility is only absorbed into our cells during a state of rest. Integration of opposites. Willingness guides us […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Brilliance

Body to spirit communication shines light on your journey inward, and in turn, sends a beacon out into the unknown layers of your auric field and levels of energy. Close to the body is a layer of energy that corresponds to your etheric body or blueprint. The cells in your physical body are co-created in part […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Compassion

Compassion is often mistaken as softness, though the sword is more compassionate than false sweetness. Many will prefer a gentler path, yet only if it is fueled by strength can it be a real and true expression of relationship and humanity. Qabalistic path-working sees this as the Pillar of Mercy—the path to the wisdom of […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Strength

Inner strength is a quality you will cultivate when taking exploratory risks that nudge you off your normal course. The first step is inhabiting your body rather than separate from it, and rather than think about whether or not you are in your body, do something that takes you in! Try this: Sit in an […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Balance

ORACLE READING: Your equilibrium is formed by the interpretations of your perceptions. Your eyes see, your nervous system responds, your endocrine system gears up, and your brain perceives. Your body actually creates the perceptions and then informs them–usually so rapidly the process and outcome are unconscious. Your balance is influenced less by physical strength and flexibility, […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Impressions

ORACLE: When you observe life with your attention inside the center of your head, your inner eye opens. From here you will find a place of neutrality in your emotional and mental impressions. Your perceptions are not affected by your past, nor the reactive bio-chemicals caused by stressful memories. You are more responsive and less […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Envisioning

ORACLE: Your ability to envision is limitless. Your ability to create change is also limitless. When you create the picture you want, holding a picture of your life that suits your soul, you align with your purpose and create each day with that at its center. Do you arise each morning with a vision for […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Soul Communication

ORACLE: As you relax your body and quiet your mind, you open natural communication between body and soul. Your inner voice matches the frequency of your heart and true essence. As it speaks, you listen. Imagine you are floating on your back in the ocean, the Polestar shines brilliantly in the dark night sky. Close […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Clear Sight

Oracle: Nestled deep in the center of your head are the four pillars of the crystal palace: pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus. When your attention is focused inward and the external senses are withdrawn, you are capable of seeing more clearly and feeling the hologram of the universe inside. The Polestar at the very center of […]