Sacred Body Oracle: Streams

READING: All riverbeds have a system of smaller channels  that create creeks and streams. Similar links between your central channel—the primary river of energy parallel to the spinal column—and the lesser energy streams deep inside you, create unique connections with your body and energy field. The meridians and polarity grid are two of these stream […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Tributaries

READING: Nourishment & communication move through  your many body systems. Like tributaries off the main river, these channels carry vital energy and life forces from your spinal column into your brain, organs & limbs. You can purposely move the subtle aspects of these energies with conscious, connected breathing. Release stagnancy, purify & nourish your body, […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Awakening Awareness

Growth. Personal growth is always both spiritual and physical–including thoughts & beliefs, attitudes & emotions, not to mention, behaviors. Ownership. Walking the human path of our earthly experience means we fully honor and anchor in our bodies, accepting responsibility for its energy, experiences and expressions. Manifesting. Self-realization is like knowledge; it’s one part of the […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Clarity

Clear Sight the Brow Chakra the Pineal Gland the 6th Level of Consciousness the Seat of Your Wisdom Inner Rhythms Clairvoyance Telepathy Precognition When you soften your focus, relaxing your eyes, your attention moves into the center of your head. When the external sense of sight is withdrawn, you will see your inner world more […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Heaven’s Gate

The Mental Body is a sacred cauldron intuits & discerns inspires & analyzes is both open & transparent, dense & walled-off dissolves old patterns & creates new habits manifests new realities & holds embedded constructs invokes the divine & evokes spirit through the body The mental body is your mind. Its purpose is to open […]