Sacred Body Oracle: Envisioning

ORACLE: Your ability to envision is limitless. Your ability to create change is also limitless. When you create the picture you want, holding a picture of your life that suits your soul, you align with your purpose and create each day with that at its center. Do you arise each morning with a vision for […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Soul Communication

ORACLE: As you relax your body and quiet your mind, you open natural communication between body and soul. Your inner voice matches the frequency of your heart and true essence. As it speaks, you listen. Imagine you are floating on your back in the ocean, the Polestar shines brilliantly in the dark night sky. Close […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Clear Sight

Oracle: Nestled deep in the center of your head are the four pillars of the crystal palace: pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus. When your attention is focused inward and the external senses are withdrawn, you are capable of seeing more clearly and feeling the hologram of the universe inside. The Polestar at the very center of […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Origins

READING: Liquid golden light moves gracefully between head and tail as your spinal column vibrates from your pelvis upward, resetting your foundation for health and well-being. This is chi. It is also cerebral spinal fluid that nourishes your spinal cord, circulating through your brain, veins, arteries and nerve roots. Each plexus of circulation and communication […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Connection

READING: Walking barefoot increases sensation in your feet, opens the feet chakras and connects your body to the earth beneath. When you are aware, you can feel the earth’s energy tickling the bottom of your feet, encouraging the bubbling spring points on their soles to open and fill you with life and vitality.  Like walking […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Pools of Energy

READING: The light of the golden flame in your mind’s eye shows you the way to a shimmering pool of energy at your crown that holds your spiritual essence. Once there, you sense the  knowledge of the universe flowing through body, whispering to your soul. Transmute the tornado of circular thoughts, the heaviness of emotional reactivity […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Wellsprings

READING: Wellsprings are creative energy centers and their related connecting channels. Creative energy springs from within your lower cauldron at the 2nd chakra and circulates through your whole body. The 5th and 7th chakras are sacred gateways opening into energy channels of practical manifestation and heavenly co-creation. Energy moves through the channels connecting these chakras at […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Streams

READING: All riverbeds have a system of smaller channels  that create creeks and streams. Similar links between your central channel—the primary river of energy parallel to the spinal column—and the lesser energy streams deep inside you, create unique connections with your body and energy field. The meridians and polarity grid are two of these stream […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Tributaries

READING: Nourishment & communication move through  your many body systems. Like tributaries off the main river, these channels carry vital energy and life forces from your spinal column into your brain, organs & limbs. You can purposely move the subtle aspects of these energies with conscious, connected breathing. Release stagnancy, purify & nourish your body, […]

Sacred Body Oracle: Awakening Awareness

Growth. Personal growth is always both spiritual and physical–including thoughts & beliefs, attitudes & emotions, not to mention, behaviors. Ownership. Walking the human path of our earthly experience means we fully honor and anchor in our bodies, accepting responsibility for its energy, experiences and expressions. Manifesting. Self-realization is like knowledge; it’s one part of the […]