Sovereignty & Autonomy

There’s a lot of buzz these days (or has it been lifetimes?) about “becoming sovereign.” It seems to lean toward the idea of owning property (outright), wells & water rights, solar or other alternative power sources; growing & raising one’s own food, and having enough other supplies; detached from mortgages, governing authorities & influences–all in […]

Control: Both Sides Now

Just this morning, someone (she is a person I’ve asked to leave my business) told me that I would not succeed because I was controlling. Precisely quoted from her email, she said,“…Controlling others will never make you happy or successful.” I agree. I love her courage in speaking her truth…finally. And, three things come immediately […]

Mapping the Inner Journey

First Posted on October 8th, 2012. Links and photos here may have been disconnected. If you’d like more information about the courses, programs and audios, please email us and we’ll be happy to fill you in!  In this Issue of “Quickening the Rhythms of Change” Please scroll down to read your favorite parts. Mystic Columns-Reflections from the Galactic […]

Intrinsic Body Balance

This was first posted in 2012 as a Newsletter Sidebar to Elementals. Links here may have been disconnected. If you’d like more information about the courses, programs and audios, please email us and we’ll be happy to fill you in! The Autonomic Nervous System We begin here with a some basic anatomy: both spiritual and physiological, as well […]

Voices in the Garden

Floating midway down the pit cave, my feet dangled into the abyss. There was barely enough space for my sitting bones on the ledge before it broke away into nothingness. A familiar flush of fear crashed over me yet was instantaneously transmuted into the kind of thrill I get while looking over the edge of […]

Another World

Dateline: Santa Fe, New Mexico, approximately 3:30 am, Tuesday, February 21. Nineteen hours into the future, in Christchurch New Zealand, on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 21, a 6.3-measured earthquake had just roared through the south island of that little island nation. At that time in the US, most of us were fast asleep. In […]

Journey Inward: Swan Dive

Quietly, like a maiden sneaking through the woods to meet her lover, I lifted my skirts to tip toe over twigs and stones following an unmarked path. I gingerly jumped over brooks and streams to stay mostly dry. Coming to the edge of my forest again, I was suddenly disoriented and high above my usual […]

Journey Inward: At the Edge of the Forest

Life is a sacred journey; we need only go within. This is the first in a series of inner world, shamanic journeys. At the Edge of the Forest “Who do you want to be–you or some accommodated version of another person’s projection you believe is a true reflection of you?” I sat on my stump at […]

Pick-Up Sticks: Parables from Many Dimensions

Paraphrased From the Bible: A teacher is walking through the desert, his students all around him. Suddenly, a horse jumps  gallantly off a nearby outcropping onto the path in front of the group. The man sitting astride is enthusiastic to find the teacher. “You must come teacher. Your friend is dying!” The teacher keeps walking. “Teacher, […]

Caretaking 101

Sara awakened from her dream that morning earlier than usual. It must have been the 7pm bedtime the night before. Oft recited words ran through her mind like a cursed mantra that almost blocked the images she wanted to savor. Remembering the dreams was a key part of Sara’s ability to survive in the world. […]